Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Castaway 2008

For a week I went to Minnesota and had the craziest time with kids at camp! WyldLife camp near Detroit Lakes....there we experienced a wide variety of weather from high winds to sunny skies to tsunami shear environments due to severe weather forming over the lake!

Friday, June 6, 2008

June 4th Reports

Starting from yet another Supercell developing off the great Palmer Divide moving NNE into Brush till turning directly east running parallel to Highway 34....this storm was massively intense in the form of hail...all day long we stayed southeast of the storm but all we saw were rapidly moving scud clouds from the evaportransporation given the amount of precip both hail & rain causing these clouds to tower above us all day....we got to Wray and we could see it was developing a quick little meso...this than produce straight line winds that kicked up dirt flying by the vehicle....this was sweet....than we kept running parallel into NE....this is when we ended watching this cell move NE into Kearny, Nebraska where we saw on base velocity a tornado clearly visible on the ground moving towards this town....those pics will be updated r some pics though

Supercell of Colorado June 2nd

Wow what a quick setup from the denver cyclone and mountains giving tremendous dynamic forcing to create a photogenic puffy towering cumulonimbus beast than turning into a tornadic supercell! It was fun as heck as we punched that storm multiple times with golfball sized hail giving us a sound to remember....this was fun....

Dieing Cell to Julesburg Cell

June 1st was a classic NE CO cell with beautiful high based structured dieing and one tornadic....Corey Green had an opportunity to join in a chase with me & Shep...We watched this monster supercell move out of NE into the NE quadrant of Colorado...Julesburg is all you have to say when in the NE quadrant of Colorado....We waited and watched this cell with awe...after that we drove south than east continuing to watch the intensity of the hail chamber as the storm moved into higher areas of dewpoints and the storm was beginning to let everything go from Hail to massive amounts of are some pics of that day

Beginning of June 2008 CO/NE chasing

With all these chases these past few days I haven't been able to update my are some random pics from the past couple of days