Friday, March 27, 2009

Setup for another one?

This model shows similarities to what just happened this past Thursday March 26th Blizzard
will see with further updates.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blizzard Pics

This is the metal snow stick! measuring up to a foot of is still falling total amounts will be tom...

Let it fall, you Upslopin' Snow

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nailed 1 of 4 stuff

Fantasy Chase League
Villisca, IA:
3 points for torn. warned storm within 30 miles of target
5 points for torn. within 30 miles of target
final result:
Total distance was 26 miles
the other targets:
Pond Creek, OK had early initiation with severe weather close by but dryline was just east of this target once 1PM rolled around
Arma, KS surrounded by severe weather within a 100-200 mile radius
in fact the nearest torn. warned cell was in Oklahoma at 5:30 Tuesday morning
passing through Nowata, OK
Springfield, MO might get its fair share of severe weather come early this morning given
risk show 5% tornado risk....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blizzard of March 09

Thursday late night into Friday early morning...... looks to be a white couple days for most of eastern CO....finally some moisture....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fantasy Chasing League----have good core punchin'

Predicted Torn Reports:
Pond Creek, OK
Arma, KS
Villisca, IA
near Springfield, MO after 06Z

Thursday into weekend

Not looking forward to weather in Colorado because the above average temps will be taken away from us not just from the system passing Monday into Tuesday morning, but a tremendous High Pressure with a vast amount of cold air is pressing southward through the whole state of Colorado starting Thursday. It is not going to be what we have been used to which is t-shirt & shorts weather....
This I might add is not going to be pleasant because I hate cold weather! But we need this with some affiliated snow to help with the moisture around here before we talk massive drought.
Another note...don't complain about the conditions or driving commute if you live in Colorado....we need this freakin snow so get over it!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunday close home chase possibility

looking forward to a pocket of moisture convergence over a triple area near Akron, Julesburg, & Wray setting up in the 00Z Mon. This would mean CAPE values that are 500-1500 CAPE values at the I-80 & I-76 intersection would bring chances for some hail and lightning storm to cap off the night development....
Temps are showing to be mid 70's in area of this pocket of moisture waiting to rise.
A short wave or bump may alow for this upward vertical motion to cure this Severe Weather Deprivation.....
Dews 35-45 in NE CO don't really up up horray me
late night u don't have to wake up @ 4AM Dann Cianca no! well not this day....
Well see ya out there...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


failed forecast for Oklahoma....warm day....stable atmosphere all day....

mini forecast Northern Central OK

The plots and models showing chances of pops but no severe weather...just rain the precip models there shows no signs of it happening....i don't know about that....well just practicing my forecasting....will see results tom....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

that's more like it

Slight Risk for Saturday....
hope it Mods up.....will see
peace out

why is Sat not a slight risk

Cape values 1000-1500 for central KS
350-450 SR HEL values
S SE component surface winds 15-20 kts
Low established over the plains 996
and there isn't a slight risk or severe for Sat?
moisture might be the only factor missing since high pressure is drying out the area...
but dew points seem to be rising with strong southerly winds carrying moisture farther north from OK
will another hour for updated SPC's
Skinner will wait......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I will update Spaghetti plot later.....

P 08 brown circle sitting over Colorado and Kansas border just was cool to see such one possible scenario setting up for a Tuesday.... I'm sure this system sitting in the Pacific will make headway headway towards the Rockies soon setting up potential for temperature boundaries creating conditions for severe weather in the central plains/snowy conditions on the front range....till than
i can't upload pics currently but will find it later....
I'm glad March is here.....till than waiting for setups to arrive early this season
since temps here have been above average seasonably warm...
good talk...