Monday, May 31, 2010

Chase Recap May 12th Oklahoma

What an amazing day this was with a grand spectacular wall cloud tempting a tornado on the first tornadic warned cell. Than finishing off with the second tornadic high precipitating supercell running pretty much parallel with I-40 in Oklahoma.
Chasing with Shep, we enjoyed what would make up for the crazy first 2 days of chasing we had May 10-11th 2010 having ended in ways not to crave our need for supercell deprivation. We were both able to come away after punching a very powerful RFD, watching full process of wall cloud development to cold air choking, and catching an amazing pregame HP Supercell Cloud to Ground Lightning show.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Great Photo taken by Shep

We drove 2 miles east just outside Elk City to an open field to wait in the hot humid air for initiation. The cell was gaining strength but wasn't looking organized on radar. I wanted to leave and get a little closer.
This would change everything.....

While driving down south towards this cell I was passed by another chaser. While a tractor down the road was pulling out to go northbound, the tractor boom got loose and swung out in our lane. The guy who passed me had to swerve off to the side therefore losing control and rolling onto his side than disappearing into a ditch.
Given I was able to slow down and avoid the boom by barely going off the road to get around the boom. This all happened so fast.
Shep and I reacted quickly. I called 911 while he went to help out the guy.
The guy was able to open the sunroof on the Jeep Cherokee and crawl out with no injuries. This was good.
People quickly stopped to offer help and make sure everyone was ok. Twistex team even pulled off the road to offer a hand.

While waiting for the police to show cells began to fire up north of Elk City, Oklahoma. While sitting there I happened to catch a horseshoe vortex which was pretty cool. We than finished the paper work and went on our way to get close enough to watch the Woodward, OK supercell as the sun set.

May 10th 2010 Write Up

Well why didn't you see a tornado?

Leaving Elk City to position myself just north of Weatherford, OK, Shep & I waited for initiation along dryline as it slowly progessed into western Oklahoma. One of my favorite parts of chasing is following the whole process, but also being aware what the speed potential will thinking ahead is the name of the game. Watching the towers firing up and come into an area of convergence to create the massive supercell was my planned forecast for the north central part of OK. Is this hard, no, keeping up with 50-60 mph moving cells is though.

Lets recap, watching the towers fire and slowly move towards us, I wanted to begin heading up to Enid area. On the way to intercept this developing supercell, I was going through a town called Canton and the next thing I see are police lights. The speed limit was 45 coming into town which I slowed to 40 as I figured it would go to 30 in town. Surprise there was a school zone which was 25 but no blinking light. I got pulled over and that was pretty much the BUST. Once we were behind the cells it was over.

To make long story short, we drove a whole rainbow across the state of Oklahoma. We ended up catching the supercell that hit Oklahoma City on the backside on the border of Oklahoma and Arkansas. Mammatus and lightning bugs/lightning.

The End.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Kansas Slight Risk

Question remains as to whether moisture will lack or be sufficient when the time comes....

Plainsville, KS within my target area for a tornado/torn warned cell
Now I just wish I could be out there.... :(

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mountain Wave Colorado Sunset

What a beautiful night!

Confirmed Synoptic Scale Bump now CLOSED

The GFS models closing in more detailed and with confidence as the shortwave trough sitting in the Pacific waiting to make its entrance along with a stream of major troughs. This bump riding along with the Tropical Jet gives me so much excitement and tends for me to be my main target and focus this coming weekend.

Expect me to be everywhere this next coming week as I venture out to the plains!

Here in CO I will be putting my attention on a front bringing some upslope action for the front range! Lots going on....very excited!

Today, a beautiful representation of a Lee Wave was seen over Denver extending all the way south. Satellite shows this very clearly. Enjoy tomorrow cause that will all change very soon.....spring/winter talk all over again....