Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 10th 2010 Write Up

Well why didn't you see a tornado?

Leaving Elk City to position myself just north of Weatherford, OK, Shep & I waited for initiation along dryline as it slowly progessed into western Oklahoma. One of my favorite parts of chasing is following the whole process, but also being aware what the speed potential will thinking ahead is the name of the game. Watching the towers firing up and come into an area of convergence to create the massive supercell was my planned forecast for the north central part of OK. Is this hard, no, keeping up with 50-60 mph moving cells is though.

Lets recap, watching the towers fire and slowly move towards us, I wanted to begin heading up to Enid area. On the way to intercept this developing supercell, I was going through a town called Canton and the next thing I see are police lights. The speed limit was 45 coming into town which I slowed to 40 as I figured it would go to 30 in town. Surprise there was a school zone which was 25 but no blinking light. I got pulled over and that was pretty much the BUST. Once we were behind the cells it was over.

To make long story short, we drove a whole rainbow across the state of Oklahoma. We ended up catching the supercell that hit Oklahoma City on the backside on the border of Oklahoma and Arkansas. Mammatus and lightning bugs/lightning.

The End.

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Dann Cianca said...

Least you got some pretty pictures!