Sunday, May 16, 2010


Great Photo taken by Shep

We drove 2 miles east just outside Elk City to an open field to wait in the hot humid air for initiation. The cell was gaining strength but wasn't looking organized on radar. I wanted to leave and get a little closer.
This would change everything.....

While driving down south towards this cell I was passed by another chaser. While a tractor down the road was pulling out to go northbound, the tractor boom got loose and swung out in our lane. The guy who passed me had to swerve off to the side therefore losing control and rolling onto his side than disappearing into a ditch.
Given I was able to slow down and avoid the boom by barely going off the road to get around the boom. This all happened so fast.
Shep and I reacted quickly. I called 911 while he went to help out the guy.
The guy was able to open the sunroof on the Jeep Cherokee and crawl out with no injuries. This was good.
People quickly stopped to offer help and make sure everyone was ok. Twistex team even pulled off the road to offer a hand.

While waiting for the police to show cells began to fire up north of Elk City, Oklahoma. While sitting there I happened to catch a horseshoe vortex which was pretty cool. We than finished the paper work and went on our way to get close enough to watch the Woodward, OK supercell as the sun set.

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Dann Cianca said...

More great pics. Glad you all are all right, man. That could have ended badly.