Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Collage 2012 is up finally! Enjoy.....

Learned some photoshop this time for Collage 2012 and looks fun! Well enjoy as always....
see ya out in the plains soon.....


Saturday, February 18, 2012

It Has Been A LONG TIME.....

My absence from the blogging world is due to my prolonged challenge with CF daily. Always in and out of the hospital. I'm a patient along with the understanding of patience. My eyes are always plugged into the skies. Denver and Greeley, Colorado have been two places where I have been living life. This weekend of February is the Storm Chasers Convention which again I have failed to be a part of considering I am again in the joint(hospital). This is a part of life. In other reality, I really don't have finances to cover the weekend. Though I envy where everyone can get together for a weekend of chasextravaganza and being with friends. Many think I miss storms on purpose and if I did that I would go skydiving with no parachute. Having said that I do get my forecast wrong if I did go out, and intentionally chased my forecast. But in other circumstances, I have fallen short by watching on my radar screen and spotter network knowing full aware that I had another chance of seeing incredible weather based on some of my excellent forecasting from the hospital. I enjoy nowcasting for my friends when they are out and about on the plains, but it is definitely a mix of the blue and red pill (referencing Matrix), it sucks majorly!
I am fighting everyday and 2012 Chase Season still looks good for me to go out and do the Skinner perspective of weather chasing. I look forward to chase with more friends because I love having a chance to meet new people and getting different personalities and perspectives. Now I am guilty of giving the dirty look of discomfort or unfamiliarity while out and about on the storm chasin plains. I appologize for that right away.
My chase partner in crime Ryan Shepard and I will most likely be chasing a lot together. So look for us and say hi.

I am going to be working on the 2012 Collage and putting that up ASAP.

1. Blogging again.
2. Wearing a Backpack supplied with Mountain Dew
3. More Spontaneous while waiting for Storm Initiation
4. Posting at least one pic from the Storm of the Day on chase days
5. Meeting a new chaser every time I go out chasing.
6. Getting myself on Spotter Network
7. Chase with other friends