Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Season Snowstorm!!!!!

Near the University of Northern Colorado campus were sounds of people getting pelted by fresh soft wet powder packing snowballs being chucked at each other and the sounds reverberating off the low stratus snow band was the beginning.....the snowflakes were ginormous falling so peacefully at the start of the warm/cold transition snow....this was truly impressive.....when my roommate (John Glaser) and I went scrambling through the snow I told him to do a pose of a snowball and yea right in the gut after I took the pic.....good times! well all have fun out there should be a good system bringing that delicious snow!

Friday, October 9, 2009

California Dreamin to be Pounded

Cianca shared with me the other night to look at 180 hrs out GFS.........
Woah.....great stuff.......looking forward to a nice big system to bring lots of moisture......
parts of California shouldn't be worrying about fires no more....instead lots of precip both rain & snow!
there will always be complaints.....

many have seen these models and are monitoring for sure this next big system for later in the week to bring a better setup for cold core action severe weather or severe weather in general instead of the last few days of cold front blowers that fly through the state to squall the US

here is the layout of the GFS models tending to Tuesday next week! woohoo




Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Snow Storm

Snow falls early this season.....