Sunday, April 27, 2008

108 hour forecast Friday! just an idea

I like eastern NE, southwestern Iowa, and Missouri near Kansas City as far south into Springfield area....late night storms to the south though depending upon initiation...dewpoints & MSLP show far as other models vorticity advection exist leeward of the low specially in the middle of the night! this all depends on whether there is a cap based on temps...temp models aren't very high because the storms will fire up Thurs probably turning into a washout for this area providing lots of moisture for Friday...this needs to convect due to daytime heating allowing for the dryline to begin initiating
@ 850 mb heights there seems to be good low level winds 30-50 kts
@ 300 mb heights the jet max is entering into this area of prediction
the lizard's tongue seems to be right on the Missouri River bordered northeast NE & SW Iowa
a line from Sioux City, NE to Manhattan, KS

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sknr31 said...

so I made a forecast and I looked at the model numbers wrong...these were all actually supposed to be Thursday with the same results in the models...Friday night is supposed to 00Z Sat instead of 00Z Fri....I just realized and I was frustrated cause everybody was sayin Thursday was the big day when I was sayn no it should be Friday