Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Denver & the front range got a new site of what rain actually looks like....record setting hot what could be the storm to introduce a change in the season...temps went from 84 to 68 in less than an hour at DEN obs with that cold rain falling....earlier bfor all the rain came coming down....a gustanado went spinning across to my north from my hospital room....i could not get my camera phone out in time bfor it went behind a building than dieing on the other side of the building...I got video of the gustanado dieing....whoopee doo....i wanted to rocket launch that building...what can u do? by the way if anybody knows how to download video from a cell phone onto a computer...I'm all ears....

on another note I will download some exciting cell phone pics from the last few days...once i can get access to my account online....peace out!

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Dann Cianca said...

Why are you in a hospital room?

... and you can pix message your videos to an e-mail address. You might have to download something from your provider to watch them on your computer (I did for Verizon), but I think it runs you through it.