Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oklahoma where the wind bloweth....

Dann, Shep, & I ventured a long 25.5 hours of continuous motion! All seasons, all weather, all was experienced...amazing considering a 15% hatched tornado risk turned out not to be a factor considering one dynamic force was missing....mid-surface level winds was a guessing factor for both Dann & I...sunset, wind, cold rain, snow, leading edge of cold front, sunrise, cirrus, cumo field, warm, hot, humid, southerly winds, beautiful summer feeling, severe weather, hail chamber, tremendous outflow, warm rain, sunset, updraft motion, scuds, lightning, dryline, meso, wind, pouring rain, flooding, IC-CC lightning show, clear, rain, blasting CAA, stratoCU bands, sunrise.
Most of the chasing covered the terrain of Oklahoma!

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