Friday, January 16, 2009

Alright 09 than

Hopefully those in Phoenix had an amazing opportunity once again for the American Meteorological Society Conference of 2009. I wasn't able to go, but that environment is sure an event I'll never forget from both Atlanta and San Antonio. Excited to hear the different backgrounds of people that went down to the hot state.
So I anticipate as one should for an eventful season as far as weather is concerned. I look forward to getting hyped up for chase season once the massive amounts of Arctic air come blasting through bringing oh so joyful cold air advection....It has already begun with the first weeks of January being extremely cold for most of the northeast. With the northwest seeing its unusual snowpacked season messing up the works for a little commuting around Portland area and Denver seeing 60s temps for middle of January.
A funny comment I'll never forget that Dann Cianca shared was "I voted for global warming!" lol!
NO....I'm not suggesting anything so shut up!
I'm drinkin a dew counting down till the puddles begin to reflect the sun at a more obtuse angle horizontal to the surface of the Earth.
Well I have a couple photos from the ending month, smokey fire, sunset, smoke wedge, mountain waves, and a cumostratus layer shielding the penetrating sun from Csprings....enjoy

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