Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A nice CO chase!

Today was a great front chasing day! A few cells popped along this front giving its ingredients of ominous skies, CG's, pea hail, and lots of rain! It was great just to get out and enjoy a Colorado line of GVTH's.....one cell to the next was allowing me to keep enjoying different things along the way.....the first cell i went after before it gullywashed was in Sterling than followed the line on down to Akron....than called it a day after I watched some close CG's....all of which i only got thunder on video....no CG's were captured except one possible one might have popped up on the video....we all have this problem just ask chasers....there is that big one....battery dies, wasn't recording at the time, or just didn't hit the photo button at that particular millisecond....eh?! whatever.....good chase all in all!

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