Thursday, January 28, 2010

My eyes on a system & Florida

In August 09 there was speculation of this El Nino occurring....diving into some articles explaining phenomena usually present in El Nino conditions I came across papers talking of interesting weather more prominent in Florida with these conditions. I have my heart on how this will unfold and see if there can be any sign of a pattern.

Looking anxiously and almost expectantly waiting for something to stick out and all I can get gittery about are the near closed off low in the North Pacific reaching near Cat 1 category hurricane pressure (now this does not mean it is considered a hurricane) and a low concentrated in the Gulf penentrating towards Florida with good characteristics of severe weather in the outlooks...with so many hours out in GFS this can only be better seen in later models put out at UCAR.

Upon looking later 180 hours out the low is intensely preparing for domination over California with the amount of moisture wrapping around the core of the low.

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