Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Full Write-Up June 11th 2010

In the case of the last two days very similar patterns of severe weather seemed to follow the same pattern. Looking at the storm reports this would turn to be a very long day! The reports that came in were all through the night given activity in NE and KS.
Colorado would once again start off the show given its spectacular mountains for lifting and forcing mechanism. I would once again only get to see the start of the show and would miss another classic supercell. This supercell would not be another LP but instead an HP formed given the increase in moisture from the leftover storms the day before.
Honestly I think on June 10th following Highway 36 was just too slow for supercells to follow. So for today as the two severe cells popped north of Denver and another farther south just east of Colorado Springs it would decide to take both I-76 & I-70.
The pics above show the developing supercell that actually developed in the mountains and finally moved off creating amazing shear meso skies over the city of Denver. This was not the main interest if a tornado were to develop because to the north was where the greatest concern of a wall cloud would be as it came off the foothills into Thorton.

I could only make out fun little scuds as it moved NEasterward towards Brighton than following I-76.
In summary this was one HAIL OF A TORNADIC CELL. The reason why this storm would continue to be tornadic is due to the remaining HP rotating meso.

As these two tornadic cells dominate the Interstates, I got a phone call from Corey Green another friend also a meteorologist. He called to excite me with the severe warned cell moving into Bennett, CO, his home town. As the cell went over his house, he sent me a pic of hail which is quite humerous as he measured it with imagination.

This velocity grab was pretty sweet given multiple mesos grinding up the shear with hail wrapped up inside giving a phenomenal green nasty color looking sky in the supercell.

This satellite imagery is fascinating given the non-moving supercell in Kansas sitting and convecting over Hoxie, KS. This would result in numerous tornadoes reported in the area.
All in all, again congrats to all that had an amazing day this day!

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