Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Does This Mean?

So I just found out last week about this double rainbow stuff! and by now it has become the comedy central for anyone who spot these pretty remarkable refractive phenomena. If you have yet to see this don't worry your not missing much other than a guy who realized a double rainbow exists on Earth. Youtube (double rainbow) if curiosity leads you to know what many are talking these days. Only 6 million people have seen this video! Tonight was a treat over Denver with a descent rain shower that dissipated to the east giving off an amazing rainbow/sunset show!

With monsoonal, yes monsoonal season underway....there will be numerous chances to just stay put in Colorado wherever you live to see some sort of action. Wind, a cloud or 2, evaporative hail, lightning, and quick spinnies caused by boundary action! Plenty to do for the rest of summer, go for a swim, eat lunch, go to Walmart than drive home to see a thunderstorm everyday brewing off the mountains. Not gonna waste gas, unless it's a nuclear bomb or it's just time to drive somewhere!

I've many stories to share once the fall season rolls around on another season of "Storms That Have Been Chased"

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