Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tis the 2011 Season....

My lack of blogging is part due to making this a place to document full events, chases and forecasts for 2011. Another is due to other opportunities opening up in my life with video production. Now, did I just write an entry that says I'm not chasing. NO WAY! I just won't be chasing solo on long endevours, and if I am to be chasing this season it will be with others interested in wanting to go out and experience storm chasing. I look forward to taking my friends, and being with my friends this year during this 2011 Severe Weather Season!
I have a lot of my pics on my facebook weather page. Usually there are a few images here and there, specially during the snow till than I look forward to blogging with you this chase season.

pic taken during intense CAA following snowstorm in Aurora, Colorado
(hot water released into -16 degree F air, condensated quickly before dissipating...very fast cloud ;)

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