Monday, June 6, 2011

Chase 8 May 30th 2011 "Wiggity" Wiggins, Colorado vicinity

Storms I expected, but nowhere near the timeframe that I anticipated these storms to begin. I was watching an intense movie on AMC when I randomly decided to look at my phone radar. My jaw dropped and I couldn't believe things were already happening. I was in my pjs and ready to go back to bed for a nap, lol.
My heart went into frantic mode and I was out the door in one minute with everything that I needed. I even stayed in my pjs!!! I headed east 34 to intercept the severe storms moving towards Wiggins, Colorado. As I was going to my car it looked as a cell had already passed to the northeast moving north from Greeley. That is a problem with living in a closed apartment with very little internet. As I was driving eastward through the cowyard just east of Kersey, Colorado, the roads were piled of hail from the first wave of cells that moved northwards earlier. At this point, I felt I missed everything. There was still a chance just to enjoy the outflow show and the new cells converging northwards to Wiggins. It was good to get out east and enjoy a Colorado severe warned storm. Some rotation was seen in the outflow. To the south, looking towards Denver, I could see some meso bases and lowering at times. Everything eventually lined out and weakened with no upper level support to keep these storms afloat and long tracked.
My respect to all soldiers and those whom served to protect our way of life. Memorial Day
Here are tons of photos from the afternoon :)

Pea-sized hail

Mileage: 59

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