Friday, July 22, 2011

Chase 11 June 19th 2011

Today was forecasted for McCook area. 4 brains, 4 options, 4 ideas, 4 styles, 4 experienced chasers, I learned is not easy. With that said, everything went wrong in my opinion. I have very faded memory of bust, but this one was a full circle twice. I'm embarrassed that I didn't contribute well enough to the collaborated nowcasts. Sitting in Akron, CO, I honestly had given up and didn't care. Thankfully Shep and Chris Yates were still holding on passionately, we went north and northeast toward the tornado warned supercell moving out from Nebraska. When we intercepted it was full of shear but had fallen apart beginning the rainout stages. There were other cells forming from Yuma, Colorado moving towards Holyoke turning severe tornado warned. Collectively, we budge away from chasing after something that we would never catch in time for structuring and enjoyment. We postioned ourselves in front of this storm about to hit just a little east of Holyoke. It was nice to watch for moments some structure before it started golfball quickly turning pea sized hail. After this we intercepted one more cell at night time getting some quarter sized hail, I went outside and enjoyed a little pounding just to be thankful for these moments. Soon after we watched a colorful cc and ic lightning core. Than we stopped again on the way home to Cheyenne, WY for another severe cell that dropped some cg bolts. We stopped in Sterling at a hotel for dinner all alone, all quiet, all fixed in our worlds of how this day was not exactly the way it could have turned out.

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