Friday, July 22, 2011

Chase 12 June 23rd 2011 Drivin' To Cheyenne.

A warm solo afternoon, I took off to get ready to go out chasing for the next day starting in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Leaving Greeley, I was watching convection trying so desperately to structure and survive as convective towers rose from the foothills. One caught my attention to the west in the way it was able to cycle through mesocyclonic bases. The anvil on this thing was linearly sheared killing any chance of strengthening as it came off the mountains. From observance, it was very Colorado given this time of year. Continuing on up to the great Cheyenne Ridge on hwy 85 severe weather was popping near Larimer southwards near the Colorado/Wyoming border moving slowly eastward towards Cheyenne. As they neared Cheyenne though, very light rain along with lots of lightning set the atmosphere to go out and shoot some lightning. I went by Shep & Becca's place and we all went out to a tall hill to watch some lightning. Weather is weather in any way, shape, or form.

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