Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loner Lazy Lumph

Entry ~ May 3rd, 2012

I watched radar today, with no hopes of any gas being burnt. Watching the skies dwindle with an exiting mini trough isn't fun if you hope for some convergence or boundary to help some of these wayward clouds group together. The mountains were creating a nice upslope condition along with a nice easterly wind with weak dewpoints best at near 40's pushing it. This would be enough to collaborate a nice group of unorganized embedded low level clouds to blow up just over Kersey, Colorado. Everything was slow moving and drifting. Once the sun went down, things began to organize and converge. I than found myself not just taking pics from where I was currently staying, but with my foot on the gas pedal driving just outside of Greeley to get a better view. It was a beautiful cell billowing along a stream of moisture all the way up near Sterling, Colorado. I only went out 3 miles east just to enjoy timelapsing the sun setting and bouncing beautiful colors to the eyes.

Looking at the mechanics of the storm, nothing more than a little kick there in moisture, a little umph in upsloping convergence, and a little lumph to recognize the little things of what a storm needs.

Chase 4 Complete.

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Paul said...

Awesome time lapse! Dig the rooftop reflection, clever concept :)