Monday, April 22, 2013

Welcome to Colorado in the spring

April has been a busy winter/spring mix given the conditions for snow every other week has put a hold on setups for severe weather even remotely entering into our state. With that being said April 8th, and maybe another day that I can't recall have given the opportunities to position a CO/KS chase. All in all High Pressure has contained the central part of the U.S. bringing massive blasts of cold frigid Canadian air keeping things at its norm in Colorado for springtime conditions. Snow is vital given we haven't had the greatest of snow levels the past 3 years to give a good report of snow packed percentages. This April though has been rough for the chasers syndromes of wanting to get out there and chase again. OK and TX are pretty much the main areas of fun for the time being as we wait out the change in jet and get out of this ruckus of High Pressure Omega Blocking. Get some heating and the jet to spit out some developing Low Pressure systems that don't collapse. I'm not complaining at all though, I look forward what we all hope to be a good May/June play for severe weather setups.

I will be caravaning with other groups and individuals since I don't have my wonderful beautiful white Saturn anymore. I miss the car, but things changed and it had to be given away. Anyways enjoy the blizzard if you live on the front range tomorrow (Monday) and I'm looking into the border of KS/OK just near Bartlesville, OK to get a potential tornado threat as the cold front comes screaming through the Kansas plains. In between highway 99 and 75 and east to west highway 60 this is my target for a tornado. Have fun chasing out there, and will see you in the plains. Be safe.