Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23rd Line of GVTH's

This year's May 23rd was again eventful and in fact a funnel was reported, but no tornadoes/landspouts. Dann Cianca & Corey Green were two that witnessed the funnel in separate places....near DIA airport. Me on the other hand was embedded in the rain shaft! It meant business...pea sized hail fell with the dumping rain.
This storm produced all the way south in Colorado Springs making its way over the Palmer Divide causing more convection to enhance creating another line moving through Denver area all the way east to Limon. This line was so uniformed it was unbelievable how long it kept redeveloping with the evapotranspiration occurring...still as I say this even now the dewpoints are still mid 50s in NE CO as if the storm never affected the dewpoints but take and give back. These storms again had no upperlevel shear or we would be talking about organized severe weather. No severe thunderstorms were put out on these convective lining towers holding hands so to speak....
It was nice to enjoy a line of GVTHs with lots of potential and meaning behind it!

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