Monday, May 18, 2009

Tuesday gives slight chance of GVTH

if moisture-willing (during the day) there is a chance for garden variety thunderstorms in the northeast plains of Colorado springing up from the grand ole Rockies....
More convinced with a chance of lightning storm setting up again as like May 7th with a pocket of unreleased moisture willing to convect given the strengthening of mini shortwave....Fort Collins into the Cheyenne ridge looks to have some weak 500 mb advection to give another small
lightning show Tuesday night....this moisture if any falls will setup up for Weds "See Text" say possible cells but only strong winds/hail looking at 850mb there is a nice surface boundary giving a tease to a possible chance for landspouts on Weds around 4-6PM along I 76 running along a line into Nebraska....the best pocket of moisture on the border of WY/NE into parts Northeastern CO
mostly this shows another day of GVTH's given the lack of a lot of ingredients in shear but hey "it's weather"

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