Friday, May 1, 2009

Slight Risk looks to be upgraded!

Looking through the models I'm stunned this is only slight risk....If tomorrow is not tornado potential with PDS than I really need to reevaluate what I'm looking at...
Wichita Falls, TX, wow....ummmm u might see something big coming your way say 5PM with Tornado warnings popping all around....if this discrete cell produces it looks to me the large hail reports hopefully will pound Wichita target points for the intercept tornado is near the center of county road 1954 in between Holliday, TX & Highway 281.
County road 172 near Bluegrove is another target this being 700mb to MSLP showing lots of moisture the potential of a dangerous long living tornado is high....
Keeping in mind this will be a slow moving cell given the models don't rapidly change till 06Z

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