Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nowcasting Day for MS/AL

Today being trapped in bordem, I followed along with the weather. A severe weather setup over the borders of Mississippi & Alabama brought question as to whether the cells forming along the dryline would be discrete or squall out.

With enough shear they were able to separate into single cells which eventually became severe with tornado warnings. These tornadoes that spawned would be quick lived given the quick movement in these cells.

Watching the first disarrayed group of cells firing in MS and moving into an area of moisture convergence zone quickly helped the organization of the cells. Tornado & hail reports were made in these certain areas of greatest severe threat in AL.

Huntsville was under a threat to the south where 2 tornado warnings put out on two cells moving NE.

Birmingham would nearly miss a tornadic threat as it moved south of town producing one reported tornado. A friend happened to send a photo to me of the tornadic cell to his south.

These were the two SPC reported tornadoes:

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Mariana said...

Would have loved to go after them but the one near Cullman would have been impossible to chase because of terrain, and the second was a bit far for me (I really didn't think there was going to be development that far southeast).

But BOY did I consider driving south to Cullman when I saw these babies coming, especially since they were moving *relatively* slow (30mph), before they passed the highway and sped up. Its so weird that Cullman County is a hot spot for severe weather....

Thanks for the text messages :)