Saturday, March 6, 2010

Skinner in Wonderland

The ideal thing would be to go see the new movie, instead I left early with the help of forecast Dann Cianca. It all started out like this....I was going to originally go to Elk City, OK to be with friends. I really didn't want to go. Well at 10:30PM Thursday night Cianca gives me a call and says go to Kansas! I was oblivious to what was about to happen in less than 18 hours. After agreement with the forecast, I was excited to venture out for the day in Wonderland KANSAS!

Upon arrival in Oakley, there's the in between stuff of passing Low quadrants, I saw the first lightning strike in the distance. Bada Bam Bada Boom, the action begins. A line of cumulus towers were converging creating a meso eventually lining out due to the immense backside precip causing the outflow.

All in all, I envy those that missed out on this storm, it was stellar indeed throughout the whole afternoon even when it wasn't impressive on radar.

I continued to update Dann on what was happening since he nowcasted which merely every time I got an update I was already in place. Working without radar or NOAA weather radio is just a blast! I also want to mention that if any tornadic event were to happen this had the potential no doubt. The line of storms had everything to show the amazing sunset in Kansas put it off the charts.

So when I made plans with my friends in Elk City, OK I went ahead, and decided I guess I was supposed to be down here. This will put me in position for Sun/Mon severe weather setup if it should arise....

Here are just some of the photos of the day....yes just some....

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Dann Cianca said...

Beautiful pictures dude! Wish I was out there!!!!!! Love that big swirl above your head.