Thursday, March 4, 2010


Entering into the 2010 season, the passion is fully alive even at 4 in the morning and I drive on expecting the unexpected. As an addict meteorologist, I long to monitor a forecast made. Whether right or wrong, this is where I strive to learn to improve as time continues. If I think about it long enough i'm thankful for access to such an awesome tool and freedom to forecast from government made weather models. In all reality they really don't have to give us this access for free more less.
This puts me at the point i'm trying to make, even though technology is available and continues to improve on a daily basis. We meaning I continue to remind myself to look at the skies and understand its patterns. Here's a holla & thanks to all that provide resource to all of us storm chaser enthuasists, meteorologists, and many who happen to stumble across these type of resources related to weather. NWS & UCAR being two well known accessible resources.

Dear Skinner & to whom it may concern,

Now for the past few blog post, I've noticed you have been sticking with a target in SW Texas than hoping it to progress through areas near Abiliene, TX. The only thing lacking is CAPE (should write him a letter) to help sustain this continued severe thunderstorm as it passes into areas of tremendous shear at all levels.
inititation: 4-5pm SW TX specifics will be written later
mature: 6-8pm Central TX specifics will be written later

Your Atmosphere,

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