Thursday, April 1, 2010


So I was realizing that baseball season was just around the corner and on ESPN I caught a story about a pitcher being ambidextrous. This is absolutely amazing in all reality. I forget the pitcher's name I appologize. The question is "Do you want Right Handed Pitchers or Left Handed Pitchers"
While studying the MSLP maps on GFS, I just had an ambidextrous moment that being if it actually plays out in the case of Monday setting up.

April 1st, Eastwardly tilted MSLP (does not include all layers of atmosphere):
This first system rolling through has given not high anticipation as far as severe weather setup is concerned. Yes, moisture and CAPE are not attended for, i will be curious if cells would have been discrete if these elements existed, or if a line of cells would have formed than eventually squalling out. Advection is very week causing this scenario to become almost barotropic. I am looking for similar setups with both scenarios, so will most likely come back to this investigation.

April 5th, Westwardly tilted MSLP (does not include all layers of atmosphere):
The second system making its way gives a better shot with a greater moisture return along with explosive CAPE. advection = baroclinity. This happening really structures the synoptic scale low pressure system all because of a westwardly tilt.

Another observation:
1. the eastward tilt system there is nonzonal flow at 300 mb
2. the westward tilt system there is slight zonal flow at 300 mb

As far as determining targets to the detail, I will wait till Saturday to pinpoint an area of interest.

Have a great day everyone! Watch your back for trickery.....

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