Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CEDAR FALLS, IA Nowcast Chase

At approximately 3pm MDT, I gave a call to my friend Dan Olsen to give him a heads up for a cell producing in between Ames & Marshaltown looked prominent to be severe warned. He was driving back into Cedar Falls back home. My concern were the inflow clouds producing a possible hook in later radar scans as it would move and mature closer to Cedar Falls.

The severe warned supercell would strengthen to produce a reflectivity value of 65dbz. This was surely to be an impressive hail storm given the tremendous forcing upwards to keep the hail roaring in the skies. Once it got into Cedar Falls, Dan texted me(4:00pm MDT) that he and his family were going to take cover in their downstairs due to the risk of tornado probability and the sudden wind shift. Constant thunder was another factor! As it calmed down I got another text (4:10pm MDT) that the skies were calm, no rain, which meant the base was passing over their house.

Quarter sized hail was finally falling! text @ (4:16pm MDT), presumably we are in the back of the precipitation shaft with hail falling with rain.

Thanx to Dan for making this day fun through his phone conversation and catching up. I look forward to chasing up in those neck of the woods just to be with friends! Good Nowcast Day!


Dann Cianca said...

It's too bad those supes were elevated. They would have tornadoed for sure if they weren't.

sknr31 said...

I'm thankful for no naders cause it was too residential...