Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is a See Text Warranted?

A Stacked Low Pressure dominates all levels of our atmosphere bringing a squall of linear precipitation to the Mississippi Valley. In definition a stacked low is helpless with the jet and it's hydrostatic balance. Tomorrow for March 21st the Low Pressure seems to try and sustain itself by redeveloping at the surface. Target for possible embedded early low topped supercells with a slight dry air slot to allow clear for early morning daytime heating exist with very low probabilities. Rotation and turbulent skies should make for an erie day for western OK and up into south west & south central KS.

tornadic proned areas of interest 11AM-3PM
I'm interested to see how tomorrow pans out, given weak dewpoints but enough to create a quick sustaining towering turkey tower to become tornado warned. A lot of factors are weak, but with the help of vorticity and a tight low pressure system, many things could happen. Or it could be a total bust.

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