Thursday, May 29, 2008

Report for May 22nd

An epic day for both Colorado/KansasTo start the day early a wedge tornado swept through Windsor around 11:30AM causing F3 damage.....driving outside of Fort Morgan out of reach to this historical event....I was angry....sad...concerned....all emotions at this point driving east to I learned not to be a chaser but to be a meteorologist....all the conditions were perfect, but it was cloudy in Greeley when we left around 10 in the morning which left me dumbfounded....the only thing was to keep going and go with what I forecasted in Kansas a week out not a wedge in Colorado though.....I knew there would be tornadoes in CO but not a wedge....matter of fact I figured they would develop closer to Fort Morgan area...but the front range got the attention....In Kansas later that day around 2 pm near Oakley popped the first severe warned storm....this was punched to get in front....this is where we ran into Chris Yates and Kristi Deibel! We headed north running parallel to the wall cloud with the greatest potential to drop a nader.....near Hoxie we watched the wall cloud move into higher dewpoints allowing the lowering to finally enhance tilting for multiple vorticies. Multiple vorticies wrapped each other for 7-10 minutes till finally a tornado developed and connected....this is where we watched from a distance the tornado moving south to north crossing 24 damaging power poles and letting cows free....after this storm Chris & Kristi headed home as me & Shep went to catch a storm for hail....the coloring of this storm was spectacular with the light glowing and reflecting the green color....again this storm moved NNE....after this we waited in this small town letting the core pass over with heavy winds and was nice! Than we drove to Norton, KS...not really thinking of the nxt day...but more just was a long day due to the CO incident lingering in the back of my mind for prayers for the rebuilding of the community of Windsor and Kansas towns impacted by today....

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