Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reports for May 23rd

Waking up to a GVTH to start the day is so pleasing to an ear....the thunder was awesome and the smell of rain is soothing....We doodled around than went to Oberlin where we chilled in the rain until intiaition began out of Oakley....this was the first storm we decided to punch to pass the time....inside revealed a quick meso with hail the size of quarter to inhailer! than we headed south to get east of a cell that became severe and had better potential to be tornado warned...sure enough as we got on I70 heading east to punch to get in the southeast quadrant of the storm there was a tornado on the was just rain so this was good news so I got through no problem....wrapping around we positioned ourselves in front of the tornado's the back of my mind I was already thinking of everybody else leaving at the last minute...I was thinkin of every possible scenario....I couldn't help but be fascinated by the intensity and size of the tornado as it approached closer and was at this point I knew I may have been the dumbest chaser out there! I was not a meteorologist in the moment....I had no purpose being where I was but just to get the suspense of the video and pics....I look back on this and realize if I was doing a bit of research or had a purpose in being in the path of the tornado than no regrets....but there are regrets....looking back at the video I can't help but realize God lifted that monster into the sky within seconds of it coming towards us.....than respawning over I70 on the north side redeveloping into a wedge which me nor Shep saw....we only saw a beginning staged tornado with multiple funnels wrapping around this thing...after this I turned around where every chaser went north...there was freakin suicide traffic...I said screw that....on I70 we headed further east and stopped to look back to see some intense Tsunami Shear....moving in waves through convection and evaporation.....beautiful for sure! This pretty much ended the chase due to radar quitting on the laptop....we headed back early before the severe storms in the night got dangerous with multiple the edge edge of the storm near Colby...we saw a roll cloud that went for was cool!

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