Friday, June 5, 2009

June 4th Cheyenne Ridge

A classic front range was nice to grab a Dew and watch the towering cumulonimbus clouds explode off both the Palmer and Cheyenne Ridges....I went after the Cheyenne Ridge....Shep & I with another production team went to wait near Ault....when the CIN capped everything from the first shower rain storm....we were left with what was in between us....
Sitting there waiting for a half hour with a friend Chris Yates currently from Cheyenne...we decided best better leave, to intercept the cell moving southeast just east of Cheyenne. We intercepted and tried to punch the hail core but the road network was awful because they were all dirt roads and they were soaked from all the hail and rain that we let it pass after we realized we couldn't get in position to get some hail....another cell that in fact Chris left to go back to Cheyenne to intercept was now making its way over towards us
This is when Shep & I did an incredible timelapse shot....for the Cut To The Chase production which were hoping will come together nicely.....
Stay tuned tomorrow... Till than with the risk better for isolated supercells, we are excited....should be good times

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