Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 9th Kansas

Sitting on a county road north of Coldwater, KS we were waiting for initiation....on radar was development off the warm front moving NE into Dodge City...I was waiting for the low to retrograde so storms would collide with the was roughly an hour after we left this spot to catch the cell moving NE out of OK moving east of Witchita...this is why you never leave your target area....a supercell developed from the initiated cells off the warm front and collided with the boundary moving them SE towards our direction into Greensburg.....a tornado produced 4 miles WNW of Greensburg making the total distance 50 so miles from my original tornado point in Isabel....the storm was progressing in the direction of Isabel but fizzled out....

This was the left moving cell that split off from the main cell in OK

Left moving circulation was a first for me....there was beautiful rotation but not enough to withstand what was soon to be an outflow washout....quarter sized hail fell, but at that point I was disappointed....finding out of missing the supercell of the day....and stuff back in my hometown Greeley.....yes I knew this was going to happen and I took the risk because I believed in my forecast...just didn't follow through.....
The rising towers were fun to watch as there was amazing buoyancy and explosiveness as it moved into high level of CAPE

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