Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Storms That Have Been Chased"-------Episode 4: July 6th

It was a casual day but not casual enough to ignore how humid it was for's supposed to be 100 these days in Greeley, Colorado....not so we will see my car goes for a stroll nearby Greeley to intercept a cell moving from the northwest to southeast crossing over 85 passing through Eaton, CO. I left seeing the cell on radar in a blip form giving me and the storm time to be at it's full stage....this is when I went to kidnap a friend....Katie Wiseman was about to experience yet not an extreme chase, but her first local storm was a moments' decision because I just showed up, had some candy than said want to go for a drive....she knew it was a storm chase....I had planned on not being out for very long....
We drove out and intercepted a high based rain storm which was fun to get out and just be with the storm....later we saw cells develop south and east of Brighton producing quite a gusty outflow in the distance. Mammatus would soon be the last things both our eyes would see before heading back into Greeley for a nice bbq....chicken on the grill! next blog will not be as dramatic but this day has uniqueness in itself....come back for some more "Storms That Have Been Chased........."

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Kathryn said...

those were some good times! woo-hoo!!!