Friday, July 24, 2009

"Storms That Have Been Chased"------Episode 5: July 7th

It was a calm day with the only thing on my mind was cleaning out my car. The mountains once again brewed a storm giving off an amazing base. Another note...this has to be the slowest moving storm ever and yet still hold its beauty through Evans/Greeley, evening weared on, many were able to see the International Space Station making its way in view as the sun set. As my friend and I headed a little east to get away from the Greeley lights, there was the crawling leftover storm from earlier still making its way east producing a flash of lightning every so we looked to our south we watched the Space Station crawl across the sky and disappear behind the storm cloud tops.....i unfortunately don't have a pic of this, but video will soon reveal this in later episode of "Storms That Have Been Chased"

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