Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Storms That Have Been Chased"-------Episode 6: July 11th

Northern Colorado expected to be an active day with upper level moisture in place and southeasterly flow giving surface level moisture....daytime heating and Cheyenne Ridge helped to bring a beautiful collection of convective towers east and northeast Weld County. I was doing a little Need For Speed Most Wanted when I went out to check on the conditions. I expected around 3pm would be when I would head out and when I went outside around that was there.....beautiful startup initiation that would begin for future towers to take in the energy once it died. Being out again on the county roads is just pleasant in a sense there was no rush and it was quiet. Ben Heckel and I watched and waited till conditions improved in the dinner hours......this is when we intercepted the cell of the day just north of Kersey, CO......incredible shear environment.....all in all this was fun.......

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