Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Round of Freezing Fog

Today as the fog receded west along the mountains most of the skies broke open from daytime heating. As soon as midnight struck, the surface rapidly cooled once again fog at an incredible rate raced over the north section of Denver. In Aurora, it would be round 2, but south part of Denver was having trouble producing fog conditions. A warm front from the south creeping over the Palmer Divide most likely kept the fog from fully condensing leaving a form of stratus tending into fog as it progressed further north. Only took a photo from tonight, and I don't have a Nikon or expensive camera to really play with cool effects in fog. A favorite is people walking in the distance with that dense fog pushing around them.
Looking at the B/W Satellite imagery, you can see noticeable stratus/fog layered on satellite reaching parts of Northern WY, Nebraska, Kansas, and parts of the Oklahoma panhandle.

Here is the wonderful surface KDEN plot, showing freezing fog, warm front, and more fog.

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Dann Cianca said...

It seems like there are waves of downslope warmth coming through here! Late in the evening, the temperature was down to the mid 30s. At 10pm, it was up to 45ºF! ... then at midnight, down to 33ºF ... and now it's back up to 38ºF! Castle Rock has been up to the mid 50s in the last hour. Craziness all around ... meanwhile DIA has been in the mid 20s.