Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yippee Kay YaHorseshoe Vortex north of Denver!!!!

From my window looking afar, convection bands forming off the Laramie/Cheyenne Ridge moved into NE Colorado with conditions to produce congestus cumulus in season of FALL/WINTER. I gittied over the phone with Dann Cianca when there some nice convection happening up north. While on the phone, instantaneously, "Holy crap there's a horseshoe vortex," Dann responded, "picture now, pic that," final words, "bye." I only had my phone to take a quick pic, and it being in the distance, it would take some enhancement to really catch a glimpse of the HORSESHOE VORTEX.

It was pretty much awesome, cause I've never seen a column of air loop out that big above cumulus congestus converging.
This system converge immensely giving off 35-40 dbz on radar while moving towards Byers and southeastward towards Limon.
More convection occurred as the convective line enhanced convection back to the west over Aurora. This being where I captured some stills with the dawn skies.