Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gust Front Plowing through Denver!!!! Just Awesome....

Today was an epic day of Colorado weather. What seemed to be a casual day, would soon to be surprised by many going about their business.
I got a text from Shep to capture radar and satellite for him. Me doing my thing questioned what was going on. I look to see a monster front moving southeastward towards Denver coming off the mountains.

I left my room to go to the north side of the building to see the dark ominous skies lurking over Northern Colorado. It was coming.

I set up for a timelapse capturing some amazing dust kicking up creating
a very powerful gust front.

Very awesome!

Watching this blast through,I got back to the southside of the building only to catch the beginning ofviscious snow pounding through the air. It was still to warm for any of it to stick to the ground.

Snow fell for a good 10 minutes than tapered off quickly. This storm was powerful and quick.

Winds exceeding 40-50 kts

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Dann Cianca said...

Aces, skinbot. You should put your timelapse on Youtube so you can share it.