Friday, November 26, 2010

Part 1 California Trip 2010 Thanksgiving Day

Initiation Salida, Colorado. Having to wait out the massive blizzard that hit western half of the United States, my dad and I were now ready to take the grand adventure. My eyes were open to any meteorology, first off we saw evaporation all across a lake. This evaporation was quickly condensing due to the extreme cold temperatures trapping the vapor trying to escape upwards all across the lake known as the Blue Mesa Reservoir between Gunnison and Montrose Colorado.

As we drove further valleys varied in the amount of snow received based upon how orographic nature played a role in snow totals. The canyon just before coming into Montrose was really beautiful.
Just north of Price, UT I saw an opportuned beautiful shot of steam rising from plant in the canyon lit up.

Driving the canyon, we went from Price, UT @ 22 degrees to the top of the pass at 7742 feet with 9 degrees
This would not be the coldest temp recorded though.....after Salt Lake City, we began our descent westward to Cali on I-80 where watching the temp, it went from 16-17 degrees into the depths of the mouth of Salt Lake where it got to 8 degrees. The Salt Flatts area was surprisingly warmer....oversight of course lol. 14 degrees on the Salt Flatts still sucks. And oh did I mention the sun went down starting at Price, UT. Anyways just enjoying the meteorological aspects of this trip and we rest in Wendover, UT not West Wendover a block away in Nevada! lol
I'm thankful to share this with you as my Happy Thanksgiving :)


Char said...

Have an amazing adventure! I love hearing you talk about meteorology Skinner!

Dann Cianca said...

Hahaha, you and that hat.