Monday, November 29, 2010

Part 3 & 4 California Trip 2010
It was a drizzling morning in Davis, California....we headed out to get breakfast where they saw chocolate lasagna.

Course I got the french toast action which sounded more edible to breakfast mode. Dann Cianca txted me a message of activity making its way into Davis. A "see text" outlook was in the forecast and my eyes were open to anything bound to happen in the Sacramento Valley. Rain was imminent today! Hoping for a little daytime heating in the afternoon as the morning rain settles, we were set to get some convection. We went to an amazing yogurt store that had an amazing variety of 101 toppings. MMMMMMMM good- Being a wimp I only had samples of the yogurt because it was already cold outside, and this was CALIFORNIA....grrr rain.
I had me a handful of toppings to enjoy, which was better than staring all 101 toppings down.
Dad and I than went on our way westward once again on I-80 towards San Francisco. With smooth sailing traffic all the way, we actually made good time considering this to be insane when it comes to traffic congestion.

As we made it 16 miles to Vaccaville, CA, the sun began to come shining through allowing the convection near each of the hills in each valley to force up some convection. Cali Convection was something I thought I would miss, but it turned out to be just on time. I snapped away carefully knowing full I would have to be very aware of what was happening on I-80. With consuming traffic, my awareness level went to Mach 6. Enjoying but bewaring. I caught some amazing convection with the sun creating those crespecular rays shining through into the valleys.
The funny thing was I had this scheduled route that would leave me taking another route. I was supposed to turn south, but instead decided to punch the core. Making our way into the core of the city of San Fran we saw the San Francisco bridge in the distance along with convection over the bay.

This active cumulus tower created a horizonal roll near the base of the cloud. Very exciting. Once again having to be very aware of the chaotic traffic. Pictures can be obscure, but they are unique in moment. This was an amazing drive to our destination of Palo Alto, CA south of San Francisco. The last hoorah, would be getting on the south end of the convective building and watching the sunset over another bay. As it passed over the sun on the backside refracted a beautiful rainbow over the street to our resting destination.

The uncles and cousins of the family shot:

Waking up Sunday, this was a casual day of relaxation in a store called Fry's. lol.

This heavenly electronic store provides everything a guy wants realistically or in dream world mode. Ebay and Amazon are in this store. It was a good day.


Dann Cianca said...

Does that count as storm chasing in California? I'd say so.

... and it was General Thunderstorms. To my knowledge, there was no SEE TEXT

sknr31 said...

my intention was the brown line lol....i had in the back of my mind that it was called see text "brown" line or area....sorry about the false forecast....general thunderstorms are just wonderful with no expectations only to see rising CU'S at wonder