Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Storms That Have Been Chased:" August 15th Lifting Mechanisms

It was quiet. On a dirt road just a little east of Nunn, Colorado. The time was 3ish. Hot and humid filled the surface air. Standing out looking northeast, the only cell for as far as the eyes could see had moved beyond my interest therefore dieing out. A rainbow phhhhed out this Colorado northern plains cell. It was at this point I turned my interest in convection coming off the Rockies caused by orographic lifting soon dwindling into the upper level high pressure system soon to meet fate. With the conditions of weak upper level shear, anything that convected off the mountains couldn't uphold to continue through the eastern plains. I made what I could of this beautiful Colorado day. Following and watching convection produce southward than dieing, producing, dieing, it was obvious I would be capturing unique moments of cumulus congestus with the sun slowly setting as time progressed. All in all, I got some nice shots. They are worth this blog post. Enjoy!

Next blog post will be the following day, a boundary day indeed with more upper level support near the Cheyenne Ridge for yet another cell but this would reach the northern plains to soon to become super enough :)

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Dann Cianca said...

I'm glad that I now can add the verb "phhhhd" to my vocabulary. ;)