Saturday, November 27, 2010

Part 2 California Trip 2010

After a slow start, but with no intention of being in a hurry, we enjoyed some continental breakfast. Why is it called continental when there are just bananas & cereal? lol. Frosted Flakes (they're grrrrrrreeat). Heading west across 400 miles of Nevada territory, we saw the aftermath of the blizzard affecting half of the state leaving the rest slowly turning into a snow shadow. Some very beautiful scenes were made for what can be potentially boring when driving in hot and normal conditions. Snow has very unique characteristics as far as depth, shiny ness, and direction of wind frozen at the tops of snow that was melted than frozen again as a day came and passed.

Winnemuca got a good portion of what looks to be the heaviest snow amounts that didn't get determined by flat windy conditions. This town located in a tight valley with miny sierras (extending from Sierra Nevadas lol). Pretty artificial looking as if it was a set backdrop.

Reno was in an inversion as downsloping winds kept conditions cool in the valley and smog surronded the casino city. Observational moments occurred all across the upgrade and downgrade of the Sierra Nevadas on the border of Nevada and California.

High Pressure breaking down over the Sierra Nevadas left cirrocumulus to give off cirrus iridescence to peak refract through the skies.

Another round of rain is making its way into Northern California bringing chances of rain and thunderstorms to the Sacramento Valley.
Now we have made post at Davis, Califoria with family & will wait for this system to passerby. Goodnight.

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